Sites with lots of information for dog owners 
 Cyperpet - numerous articles on a wide variety of subjects: Skin Problems: Natural Solutions for your Pet, Could it be Your Fabric Softener?, Natural Therapies for the 21st Century Breeder, Natural Therapies for Dealing with Skin Problems, Adding a New Animal to the Household, ... & more.
 Dr. P's Dog Training Library - Huge site with loads of links to dog-related info such as behavioral problems, medical information, canine career information, and legal issues as well as training tips.
 Dog Owner's Guide - More than 300 pages of features, training tips, health information, and articles about shelters, rescue, dogs and the law, and just about everything else you need to know about living with your dog.
 How to Dremel Dog's Nails - Dawn Garrett's step-by-step, illustrated site on dremeling your dogs nails.
 PON puppy buyers Guide - Info about selecting a good PON Breeder.
and some basic info about the polish lowland sheepdog: