PON AKC Champions of 2008


 PON Champions for the year 2008 Congratulations to all!
Green denotes dogs are owned and/or bred by people who do not live in the USA


PON Name

Owner Name(s)

Breeder Name(s)
2/09/08 Beau Chien's Monika (B) D. Johnson & B. Jensen D. Johnson & B. Jensen
4/12/08 Gardenia z Gangu Dlugich (B) M Frost B. Larska
6/21/08 Swan Crest Toast of the Town (D) M. Hirata M. Hirata
7/06/08 Kokos z Norblinskiej Doliny (D) J. Torge M. Pudlowska
7/27/08 Tramperus Wawel (D) M. Korzeniowska & R. Zemela M. Korzeniowska
8/08/08  Fairy Tale's License to Thrill (B) K. Kim Dr. N. A. Shweitzer
8/31/08  Starpons Tootsie Pup (B) D. Gray, C. Czerechowicz D. Gray, C. Czerechowicz, J. & J. Parks
9/28/08 White Star's Walkin' on Sunshine (B) J. Devlin, S. Gough, M. Finch-Cirtwell & J. Cirtwell M. Finch-Cirtwell & J. Cirtwell
10/11/08 Swan Crest Windy City Robert Henry (D) M. Hirata M. Hirata
10/12/08 Starpons Serendipity at Cachet (B) L. Cohen D. Gray, C. Czerechowicz, J. & J. Parks
11/09/08 Starpons Desiree z Polish Hill (B) D. Gray P. Siehr, D. Gray, C. Czerechowicz
12/07/08 Fairy Tale's Oh Mighty Isis (D) K. Kim & Dr. N. A. Schweitzer Dr. N. A. Schweitzer
12/13/08 Pondulac Legend of His Time L. Etter C. Czerechowicz & S. Potter

(D) = dog (B) = bitch