PON AKC Champions of 2001

 As of August 1, when the PONs became eligible to earn points toward their AKC confomation
championship, here are those who completed the requirements in chronological order. PONs
which completed their championship by October 31, 2001 are eligible to compete at
Westminster 2002 with the top 5 receiving automatic invitations and the rest able to submit
entries which are processed on a first-received basis until all available slots are filled.
Green denotes dogs are owned and/or bred by people who do not live in the USA.

 Date Acquired

 PON Name

 Owner Name

 Breeder Name

 8/04/01  Furman Konkury (D)  M. Mieczyk  M. Kozlowska-Koza
 8/04/01  Elzbieta's White Zinfandel (B)  M. Finch-Cirtwell  B. & K. Augustowski
 8/11/01  Sposiek Pacynka (D)  R. Kerner & C. Kerner  A. Kowalyk
 8/25/01  Racuch Blusalka (D)  E. Dobrzynska  R. Connor
 8/25/01  Ponwood's Fancy Girl (B)  B. Bruns  B. Bruns
 8/30/01  White Star's Tao of Pooh (B)  M. Finch-Cirtwell  M. Finch-Cirtwell
 8/31/01  White Star's Tigger Too (D)  M. Hirata  M. Finch-Cirtwell
 9/01/01  Nadzieja's Independence Day DarBozy (B)  S. & K. Willson  S. & K. Willson
 9/01/01  DarBozy Black Tie No Tails (D)  S. Stekoll  S. Stekoll
 9/01/01  Kosy Hollow's Vision of Sinclair (B)  M. & T. Palmer  R. Kerner & C. Kerner
 9/08/01  Simcha's Kaz Misha (D)  D. Holloway & R. Young Jr.  M. Horowitz
 9/08/01  Sir Tristan Lavenda (D)  P. & J. Kiedaisch  R. Kerner & C. Kerner
 9/16/01  Czort Nerita (D)  R. Pearce  R. Hajko
 9/17/01  Alexandor of Lity-Coco (D)  N. Gardzelewski &
C. Czerechowicz
 C. Ferraro
 9/23/01  Polish Hill's Batman the Caped Crusader (D)  V. & P. Siehr  V. & P. Siehr
 9/23/01  Elzbieta's Baylee Bear (D)  K. & H. Rosenbaum  B. & K. Augustowski
10/06/01  Sinclair's Let Me Entertain You (B)  R. Kerner & C. Kerner  R. Kerner & C. Kerner
10/06/01 Whitestar's Bree-Z Polishhill (B)  P. Siehr  M. Finch-Cirtwell
10/07/01  Elzbieta's Isa z Sinclair (B)  R. Kerner & C. Kerner  B. & K. Augustowski
10/12/01  Shaggydrover's Merlin Charbreez (D)  Kathy Chiarella  C. Hales
10/13/01  Malina z Gangu Dlugich (B)  Karen L. Wagner  B. Larska
10/14/01  Darbozy Oscar Harrison (D)  A & B. Glazeski  S. Stekoll
10/21/01  Lechsinska's Tosia (B)  K. Richmond  K. Richmond
10/21/01  Lechsinska's Mutsek (D)  K. Richmond  K. Richmond
11/03/01  Sinclair's Anastazja (B)  S. & B. Prinzmetal  R. Kerner & C. Kerner
11/30/01  Lily Lavenda z Strizzi  P. & J. Kiedaisch  B. Strizzi
12/16/01  Elzbieta's A Star is Born  R. Kerner & C. Kerner  B. & K. Augustowski

(D) = dog (B) = bitch