We hope you enjoy our site. We have created these pages to provide a wealth of information about the Polish Lowland sheepdog a.k.a Polish Owczarek Nizinny or PON as they are affectionately called. Whether you are considering the purchase of one of these merry sheepdogs or already own one or more (we know how hard it is to have just one!), it is our sincere desire that everyone who visits us will learn something about this rare breed. To this end we have included some facts you should know before you purchase a PON and guidelines for their selection and purchase. There will also be informative articles on such topics as: grooming, housebreaking, crate training, health survey, feeding, socializing, mouthing/biting & much more. Be sure to see the extensive section on doggie stuff to find loads of internet links for:

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Twix wins Best Bred By Exhibitor at the AKC Eukanuba National Championship in Long Beach, CA. Twix finished as the #18 PON (breed points) for 2003. Timber also went to this show, qualifying as the #16 PON (breed points) for 2003.



The Rocky Mountain Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club is excited to be the host of the 2004 APONC National Specialty in Brighton, Colorado on April 9-11, 2004. A link has been added (below) to the website for this show. There are lots of PON items available for sale to help defray the cost of hosting this show so don't forget to check it out!



New poll added; Are you coming to the
APONC National Specialty in 2004?
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Twix wins a Bred By Exhibitor Group 4
at the Denver shows in February. 60 other bred-by exhibitor herding dogs were entered.
For a new head shot of Twix
Twixclick here.



For information on the
Rocky Mountain Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club,
contact Karen Willson,
Club Secretary, at kwillson@qwest.net


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Polish Lowland Sheepdog
AKC Champions 2001
AKC Champions 2002
AKC Champions 2003

A list of PONs who have become AKC champions since August 1, 2001 will be maintained here. PONs from other countries besides the USA who are now AKC champions are also included.

for information about the:

2004 American Polish Lowland Sheepdog National Specialty!


This site will be updated as time permits, so please check back often. Watch for continual additions to our new postcard page where you will find the only cards on the net that are designed just for owners, friends and breeders of the PON. If you want to send a card for any occasion or holiday, you will find it here, and it's FREE!! Looking for a good Polish name for your new puppy? Check out our section on Polish names and what they translate to in English.


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We've added a quizlet to poll PON lovers on things that concern their PONs. Don't forget to vote!

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